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Core Aeration in fall is a very important part of the lawn care process. Core aeration will help take your lawn to the next level of health, thickness, color, and durability. Summer weather can be very strenuous on the grass plants, by aerating and over seeding in fall it will help prepare the grass for winter. Aeration aids in relieving soil compaction and stimulates root development by allowing oxygen, water and nutrients to move throughout the root system. A thicker, healthy lawn helps hold out weeds, helps it survive inclement winter weather, and will also respond quicker and greener in spring.

Why do core aeration in the fall?

During the fall, grass plants develop 70% of their root system in order to prepare for winter dormancy. It also pushes out more grass plants from the stimulated root system which helps thicken up the turf grass. To achieve a lush and healthy looking lawn, aerating annually is strongly recommended.

What is over-seeding?

Over-seeding is the spreading of seed over the top of your existing lawn. The best time to do over-seeding is after core aeration has been done. This allows the seed to have maximum exposure to the soil which results in a thicker, healthier looking turf.

Over-seeding is used to thicken the existing lawn and is not for replacement purposes.